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Reasons for a Noisy Garage Door

March 4, 2022

It’s somewhat common for a garage door to start making a lot of noise over time, though it leaves many people wondering, “Why is my garage loud?” There are many possible reasons for a garage door that’s loud, including loose parts, lack of lubrication and improper installation. Below, we cover common reasons for a noisy garage door and how to fix them. If you can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with your garage door, be sure to contact a professional right away. Loose parts Things as simple as loose nuts and bolts can cause a garage door to make... View Article

Finding a Good Garage Door Repair Company

February 18, 2022

Putting off garage door repairs will only allow the problem to grow larger. If you put it off too long, you may have to replace your garage door completely. Finding a good garage door company to take care of your repair needs is easy when you know what to look for. Read on if you’re wondering what to look for in garage repair companies. Years of experience No matter what type of professional you’re hiring, it’s important to look for experience. An experienced garage door repair service will be able to diagnose the problem and repair it in no time.... View Article

Garage Door Track Repair: What to Do When You Need It

February 3, 2022

There are few things more frustrating than a garage door that’s off track. Unless you’re an experienced garage door repair professional, you’ll likely wonder what the best course of solving the problem should be. Here’s what to do when your garage door track is off and when you should seek garage track repair. What causes a garage door to go off track? Garage doors, like any other mechanical piece of equipment, experience wear and tear over time. There are many causes that contribute to broken or misaligned garage door tracks, but here are some of the most common: Obstructions: One... View Article

What to Do if Your Garage Door Is Stuck

January 3, 2022

When you’re trying to get inside after a long day or when you’re running late in the morning, the last thing you want to deal with is a garage door issue—and one of the worst problems to run into in these situations is a garage door that gets stuck when opening or closing. Even though you may not be able to remedy the problem yourself, it’s still helpful to understand a few reasons a garage door gets stuck. Keep reading to learn a few of the ways to troubleshoot this garage door situation. Double-check that it isn’t locked Before you... View Article

Why My Garage Door Stopped Working in Cold Weather

December 7, 2021

When winter hits, you’re even more thankful for your garage than usual. No dealing with the elements for you—you can just get right in your car without even leaving your home. Unfortunately, there is one wrinkle in this: Your garage door is less likely to work properly in the cold weather. If you want to find out why garage springs break in the cold and what to do about it, read on. Issues with freezing If the weather is getting icy and the temperatures outside are below freezing, it’s possible that the garage door could be frozen shut. If that’s... View Article

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