Reasons for a Noisy Garage Door

March 4, 2022

It’s somewhat common for a garage door to start making a lot of noise over time, though it leaves many people wondering, “Why is my garage loud?” There are many possible reasons for a garage door that’s loud, including loose parts, lack of lubrication and improper installation.

Below, we cover common reasons for a noisy garage door and how to fix them. If you can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with your garage door, be sure to contact a professional right away.

Loose parts

Things as simple as loose nuts and bolts can cause a garage door to make a lot of noise. Check the nuts and bolts on your garage door, and tighten any loose ones. Be sure to avoid over-tightening and stripping these parts.

Garage door chains, hinges and rollers can also get loose over time and cause plenty of noise. If your rollers and hinges are loose, they may start to wobble. Loose chains often cause a slapping noise.

While loose parts may only need tightening, some may need a full replacement. Avoid removing and replacing any parts without the help of a professional.

Bad installation

Why is your garage loud? One of the most common answers is a bad garage door installation. Trouble opening and closing, as well as constant sticking, could also signal a bad installation. A reputable repair service should be able to fix this problem quickly.

You can prevent a bad garage door installation by working with an experienced and reputable company in the first place. If you need a new garage door, do plenty of research on the companies in your area. Check their reviews, and make sure they have years of experience.

Lack of lubrication

Another easy garage door problem to solve is a lack of lubrication. Hinges, rollers and springs all need routine lubrication, or they’ll start making noise and eventually break. Sounds that signal a lack of lubrication include grinding, rattling and squeaking.

We recommend lubricating the parts of your garage door at least once every three months. Be sure to only use a top-quality lubricant recommended by your garage door provider.

Problems with the tracks

Your garage door’s tracks guide it as it opens and closes. When one or both of the tracks bend, your garage door may make noise. You can check for visible signs of bending or loose screws. Most track problems only require a quick repair.

In need of garage door repairs?

Hopefully, this article helped you determine why your garage door is loud. Loud garage doors can be extremely annoying and may signal a large issue. Don’t put off garage door repairs, as the problem will only get worse over time. By contacting a repair professional right away, you can avoid expensive future repair bills.

If you’re in need of top-quality garage door repairs and maintenance, contact Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair today. One of our experienced technicians will be at your home in no time to diagnose and fix any garage door problems.

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