Torsion Spring Replacement in Denton, TX


Torsion springs are the most important part of your residential or commercial garage door’s counterbalance system. This is the system that helps the motor effortlessly raise a door that weighs hundreds of pounds so easily! If a torsion spring breaks, it can’t store the energy required to help raise and lower your door. The result is a load of unnecessary stress on your motor, which can quickly become a safety hazard.

If you need garage door torsion spring replacement in Denton, Providence Village, Argyle, Lake Dallas, Krum, or Corinth, TX, Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair will handle the job. We know the importance of torsion springs on your door’s counterbalance system and will go above and beyond to make sure they’re installed and properly wound.

Signs of a Broken or Damaged Torsion Spring

A damaged or broken torsion spring makes itself immediately apparent. Most newer garage doors actually have two springs, so when there’s a problem with one, the door can still function. But it shouldn’t stay this way for long! Both springs are required to take the load of the door off your motor. Here’s what to watch out for when it comes to broken or damaged torsion springs:

  • Door doesn’t raise, even when the motor runs
  • Motor struggles to raise and lower the door
  • Loud squealing or grinding noises
  • Garage door cables are loose or slackened
  • The door is crooked
  • Damaged springs appear uncoiled or unwound
  • Broken springs may separate into two parts

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If one spring is broken, your door may sag to that side while going up or down. Likewise, if both springs are broken, the door won’t likely move at all—your motor isn’t strong enough to hoist hundreds of pounds of dead weight!

The easiest way to tell if a spring is damaged or broken is to look at it. You don’t even need to get up on a ladder! Most springs will show signs of damage that are apparent from ground level.

Spring Replacement and Tightening

The process of a garage door torsion spring replacement in Denton, TX is complex and dangerous if done wrong. It’s best left to a professional who understands how to carefully remove the old spring and install the new one.

The technician will start by disconnecting your door from the motor, to ensure the door isn’t accidentally opened during spring installation. Then, they’ll disconnect it from the counterbalance system, so the spring can be safely removed. After the spring is off, the new one is installed and tightened to the appropriate tension. Everything is reconnected and the door is tested.

If the door moves up and down seamlessly and uniformly, everything is good to go. If there’s any staggering or problems with operation, the spring’s tension may have to be adjusted.

Restore Your Counterbalance System

Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair provides complete spring replacement services, to keep your garage door operating efficiently and safely. Leave faulty or damaged springs to us and we’ll make quick work of them! Contact our team today at 940-323-1111 to learn more about the process or to schedule a service appointment for your torsion spring, opener, motor, panels, or beyond.

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