How To Prepare for Your Garage Door Repair Appointment

August 11, 2022

If your garage door is shaking, making noise, or otherwise just not working properly, it could be time for a repair or a replacement. Having a garage door repaired or replaced will take a bit of planning. Here are some steps on how to prepare for your garage door repair.

Check the Door Thoroughly

Before you even call to schedule your repair, you need to inspect the garage door thoroughly. When you call the experts for a repair, they will ask you questions concerning your issues. You want to have your information ready to share. You should know in detail exactly what the problem is, how old the door is, what size it is, and what condition the door is in. Can you visibly see the problem, or can you only hear the problem?

Take Photos

If the problem is visibly obvious, take a photo or two. This information will be handy if you can email or text the photo to the repair company ahead of time. This will help them to better prepare for the job at hand. If you can find the manufacturer sticker on the door, it is also a good idea to take a picture of that as well.

If the door is making noises and you cannot visibly see the problem, taking a short video of the door in operation could be helpful. This way, the professionals will be able to hear your problem before coming to your home. Again, this will help them better prepare for the job.

Prepare the Garage

Once you have scheduled a visit from a garage door repair company, you will need to take time to prepare your garage for the visit. You should move vehicles outside of the garage. Move storage items and other things out of the way so the team can work easily.

It is also a good idea to secure pets that might get in the way or put the team in danger in any way. Ensure all family members know that repairs are taking place and keep out of the garage while the team is working. These are handy ways to prepare your garage door for service. 

Replacing Garage Doors

Even if your garage door is working fine, replacements are sometimes a good idea. This is true if the garage door is outdated. Updating a garage door can add value to your home as well as curb appeal. Sometimes a garage door can be updated without a full-blown replacement. You can talk with local garage door experts to learn more about your options.

Final Thoughts

Having your garage door repaired or replaced in a timely manner will help keep the value of your home high. It also helps to keep your home safe. A faulty garage door is a safety hazard as it could fall on people or pets, or it could get stuck, making exiting the home difficult during an emergency.

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