Garage Door Panel Repair in Denton, TX


These days, most residential garage doors are made of aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, durable and coated to be rust-resistant. But that doesn’t mean your aluminum door panels don’t need repairs and maintenance over the years. Even if they look like they’re in good condition, there may be unseen issues causing problems for your door.

Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair provides garage door panel repair in Denton, Providence Village, Argyle, Lake Dallas, Krum, and Corinth, TX for residential and commercial aluminum doors, as well as component replacements and more. We aim to keep your door safe, strong, durable and in proper working order.

Signs of Garage Door Panel Damage

There are clear signs of damage to your garage door panels… as well as not-so-clear signs you might not be able to see. One of the best things you can do for your aluminum garage door is to schedule an annual inspection. This will clue you into the true condition of your door’s panels and make sure there’s nothing negatively weighing on them. Here are a few of the problems you may (or may not) be able to diagnose:

  • Rust on the door panels, especially long the bottom
  • Dents and warping to the individual panels
  • Bent hinges, leading to door warping
  • Unevenness when the door is raised or lowered
  • Door sticks or wiggles when opening or closing
  • Missing hardware (screws, hinges, weather stripping)
  • Track misalignment
  • Screeching or squealing while the door is in motion

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One of the biggest concerns involves the panel hinges holding your door together. These panels can be damaged badly from even a small impact and will continue to bend each time the door opens and closes.

For panel damage, a panel can be repaired by pushing it back into place and installing steel “ribs” on the interior of the door to reinforce it. Or, a single panel can be replaced if the door has dents or damage in localized area.

Door Panel and Hinge Replacement

If your garage door’s panels are damaged or have suffered wear over time, a garage door panel replacement in Denton, TX may be the best option. Instead of buying a new door altogether, this option allows us to replace individual panels. This lends longevity to your door, without changing its appearance. Best of all, it’s a fraction of the price of a new door installation!

If all the panels are in good condition but the hinges of your aluminum door have become damaged, this is an even simpler fix. We’ll replace damaged, warped or missing hinges with OEM replacements that keep your door properly aligned.

Contact the Garage Panel Experts

Are your garage door panels in top condition? How do you know? Schedule an inspection and service appointment with Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair today to have your panels, hinges and other essential door components inspected.

Let us save you the cost of buying a brand-new door. Instead, we deliver panel replacement and repair of the highest caliber. Contact us at 940-323-1111 today to speak with one of our qualified professionals about the needs of your garage door, whether it’s the panels, motor, or torsion spring.

 5Star Customer Review “These guys are GREAT!!! Had an issue with the garage door and they came out the very next day right on time. At first, Charles Russell worked his hardest to tune-up our current opener, but it was just its time. He put in a whole new opener and explained the entire process to us. He was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Thanks for everything!!!”Bradley V.
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