Garage Door Repair in Roanoke, TX

If you are looking for garage door repair services in Roanoke, Texas, then Denton Overhead Garage Door is here to help you. Learn more about our services below!

Garage Door Repair in Roanoke, TX

We understand that you want to have your equipmentrepaired as quickly as possible. That is why we have expanded the array of services that we provide. Some of our services include:

Torsion Springs

Your torsion springs are incredibly important in keeping your garage door balanced. If you have an issue with your torsion springs, your garage door may not work properly. We can repair your torsion springs and replace them if necessary.

Extension Springs

The same is true of our extension springs. We can provide you with access to high-quality extension springs if you need to replace them. Of course, we will also repair them if we can.

Cable Repair

Your cable is responsible for keeping your equipment on track. If your equipment is having trouble opening and closing, then professionals from Denton Overhead Door can come out and take a look at your cable, repairing or replacing it if necessary.


We will also take a close look at your rollers. Your brothers are important for providing your equipment with a streamlined opening and closing motion. We can repair your rollers if there is something wrong with them.


In addition, we will also take a close look at your panel. If there is a broken window, a cracked panel, or a dent in your equipment, we will do everything we can to get this out. If we have to replace your panel, we can do that as well.


The motor is responsible for opening and closing your door. Strange smells coming from your equipment could indicate that something is wrong with the motor. Count on our team to help you with this.

Garage Door Installation in Roanoke, TX

Furthermore, we also provide installation services in Roanoke, Texas, at Denton Overhead Door. Some of the installation services that we provide include:


If you need to install new equipment for your home, we can help you with that. We will work with your schedule, finding a convenient time to get your residential garage door installed as quickly and conveniently as possible.


We also handle commercial garage door installation services as well. If you have a business or restaurant that requires new equipment, count on the team from Denton Overhead Door to help you with this.

Custom Sizes

Our equipment comes in a wide range of sizes. If you need a custom size created for your building, our professionals will work with you to make this happen. Count on us to help you.

Glass Options

We take great pride in the variety of options that we provide. We provide you with access to glass garage doors if you are looking for a way to increase the amount of natural light in your building.

Metal Options

Of course, we have metal garage doors available as well. If you are looking for equipment that can stand up to just about anything, providing you with maximum security, our metal garage doors might be the answer.

Wood Options

We also have traditional wood garage doors as well. If you are looking for a classic, sleek look, our wood garage doors can make that happen. We will work with you to find the right wood to meet your needs.

Quality Materials

We only use the highest quality materials to make our equipment. We do this because we believe this allows us to provide you with the best product possible.

Trusted Brands

We also provide you with access to equipment in the most trusted brands in the industry. That way, you know that you are getting a quality product at the best price possible.

Garage Door Maintenance & Inspections in Roanoke, TX

In order to get the most out of your equipment, you need to maintain and inspect them regularly. At Denton Overhead Door, we provide you with reliable maintenance and inspection services.

Points of Interest & Activities in Roanoke, TX

Some of the top locations that we have enjoyed in Roanoke, Texas include:

Hawaiian Falls Roanoke

If you are looking for a waterfall right in your backyard, then look no further than Hawaiian Falls Roanoke. This is a fun outing for the entire family.

Roanoke Visitor Center and Museum

To learn more about the local area, don’t forget to check out the Roanoke Visitor Center and Museum. Come back regularly for the rotating exhibits.

Cannon Parkway Park

If you are someone who loves the outdoors, then be sure to swing by Cannon Parkway Park and get some sunshine.

Need a Garage Door Repairman in Roanoke, TX?

If you are looking for a repairman in Roanoke, Texas, then Denton Overhead Garage Door is here to help you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with all of your garage door needs.

Roanoke Garage Repair & Installation FAQs

Some of the most common questions we get asked include:

How Much Does Garage Door Repair Cost in Roanoke, TX?

The exact cost of repair will depend on the nature of the problem, the severity of the problem, and the cost of any parts we need to replace. We will provide you with a quote before we get started.

How Much Do New Residential Garage Doors Cost in Roanoke, TX?

Our residential equipment comes in a wide variety of styles and sizes. We will find one that will meet your budget.

How Much Do New Commercial Garage Doors Cost in Roanoke, TX?

We can also help you find the perfect commercial equipment for your business. They come in a wide variety of prices, so count on us to help you.

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Garage Door Inspected in Roanoke, TX?

We will let you know exactly how much it costs to inspect your equipment before we get started. Factors involved include location, size, and style.