Garage Door Motor Repair in Denton, TX


The reason your garage door goes up and down with the press of a button is all thanks to the motor. A well-working motor will hoist and lower your door without issue. But, if there’s a problem with the motor, you can expect problems with your garage door installation as a whole. Worse still, a faulty motor can be a very real safety hazard.

If you’re having problems with your residential or commercial garage door and think you might need garage door motor repair in Denton, Providence Village, Argyle, Lake Dallas, Krum, or Corinth, TX, contact Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair immediately. We’ll inspect and diagnose issues with your motor, repairing or replacing it as-needed. We aim to leave you with a door that works flawlessly with the press of a button.

Signs of a Failing Motor

A failing or failed garage door motor is easy to spot if you’re paying attention. It’s best to pick up on these clues as soon as possible—the longer they go, the more dangerous the situation becomes. If your motor fails unexpectedly in the middle of operation, your door could get stuck in a compromised position or come crashing down dangerously! Here’s what you need to watch out for:

  • The door stutters and staggers as it opens or closes
  • The door takes a long time to open or close
  • There are loud grinding or revving noises coming from the motor while in use
  • There’s a burning or smoky smell coming from your motor
  • You’ve had your garage door motor for more than 10-15 years

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The biggest signs of trouble to look out for are during operation. If your motor struggles to raise and lower your door, it’s a sign there’s undue stress on the motor itself. A garage door professional will be able to tell you if it’s an issue with the motor, tracks, counterbalance system or something else.

Motor Repair and Replacement

If your motor is faulty and needs repairs or a full garage door motor replacement in Denton, TX, it’s a job for a professional. Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair provides complete repair and replacements services to ensure safe, functional operation of your garage door.

We can replace and lubricate the chain, replace mechanical parts of the motor mechanism itself, or retrofit the entire motor if it’s more cost-efficient for you. Then, we test and calibrate the motor to make sure it can bear the weight of your door and run smoothly both ways. We’re also able to solve electrical issues, which may require rewiring or a brand-new unit.

Keep Your Motor Running Right

Your garage door motor is central to the entire operation of your door. If you notice any of the symptoms above or suspect your motor may be failing, waste no time in calling Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair to come and inspect your unit. We’ll evaluate its condition, test it and provide a scope of service to you before beginning work. When we’re done, you’ll have a motor that works right, raising and lowering your door without issue.

Contact our team today at 940-323-1111 for more information about garage door motor repair and replacement services, along with work on your opener and torsion springs. We work on all major brands and provide free upfront estimates on service!

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