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The Importance of Annual Garage Door Maintenance

January 20, 2022

Homeowners often take garage doors for granted—until they stop working as well as they should. When it comes to keeping your garage door in functioning condition, regular garage door maintenance is essential. Here are just a few of the reasons why annual garage maintenance is important. Protects your garage from the elements Precipitation, cold weather, debris and even pests can make their way into your home if your garage door isn’t properly maintained. Annual maintenance protects your garage from the elements. Your technician will ensure proper operation of your garage door and will check weatherstripping and other protective elements, replacing... View Article

What to Do if Your Garage Door Is Stuck

January 3, 2022

When you’re trying to get inside after a long day or when you’re running late in the morning, the last thing you want to deal with is a garage door issue—and one of the worst problems to run into in these situations is a garage door that gets stuck when opening or closing. Even though you may not be able to remedy the problem yourself, it’s still helpful to understand a few reasons a garage door gets stuck. Keep reading to learn a few of the ways to troubleshoot this garage door situation. Double-check that it isn’t locked Before you... View Article

Why Is My Garage Door Opening by Itself?

December 20, 2021

One of the last things you expect when you hit your garage door button is for it to close nearly all the way before opening back up again. A garage door opening by itself is frustrating and (as we’ll see) can be a safety hazard. Continue reading to learn why your door could be opening by itself and what you can do about it: Safety sensors: Your safety sensors are essential in preventing accidents from your garage door. If they get misaligned or the sensors get dirty, they can prevent your door from fully closing. Cleaning them off and realigning... View Article

Why My Garage Door Stopped Working in Cold Weather

December 7, 2021

When winter hits, you’re even more thankful for your garage than usual. No dealing with the elements for you—you can just get right in your car without even leaving your home. Unfortunately, there is one wrinkle in this: Your garage door is less likely to work properly in the cold weather. If you want to find out why garage springs break in the cold and what to do about it, read on. Issues with freezing If the weather is getting icy and the temperatures outside are below freezing, it’s possible that the garage door could be frozen shut. If that’s... View Article

Reasons Why Your Garage Door Springs Break

November 23, 2021

The garage door’s springs do the majority of the work in opening and closing. Most of the time, they’ll work with no problem, and you can enter and exit the garage without a hassle. However, these springs are liable to break over the long run. If you want to avoid major headaches and repair costs, read on about reasons for garage door springs breaking. The importance of garage door springs First, let’s go over how exactly garage door springs are taking on so much of the burden. There are two basic types of springs used on garage doors: Extension springs:... View Article

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