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Get Fast, Reliable Garage Door Repair and Installation Services in Denton, TX

April 12, 2019

Your garage door is one of those things that it’s easy to take for granted—until it stops working. Not to worry, though! Any problem with your garage door can be handled quickly and reliably. Denton Overhead Door handles the following garage door repair services in Denton, TX: Spring lubrication: If your garage door is squeaking, it’s a sign that the springs are in need of lubrication. Squeaking means that the springs aren’t moving as smoothly as they should be, and it’s ill-advised to keep using them in this state, because they’re likely to wear out sooner. If squeaking continues after... View Article

Spring Forward with Preventative Garage Door Maintenance

March 29, 2019

Spring is a great time for cleaning, but dusting the cobwebs of winter off your appliances shouldn’t be your only focus. It’s also the perfect time to do the preventative maintenance in your garage that you’ve been putting off before the heat of summer. A good safety inspection of your garage door springs and an investment in garage door maintenance now could save you a major repair once the weather is not as pleasant as it is now. When springs snap Your garage door should be checked annually by a professional technician. With proper maintenance, your garage door springs can... View Article

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Replacing Your Garage Door: What to Know

March 12, 2019

Garage doors are one of the largest exterior-facing components of your house. They are also likely the largest moving component of your home. While investing in garage door maintenance is often a great way to keep your garage door working and looking great for years to come, there will likely come a time when it’s necessary to replace your home’s garage door system. Garage doors represent a substantial investment, and they play a critical role in your home, so it’s always advisable to choose a trusted contractor when identifying someone to work with to assist you with replacing your home’s... View Article

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Garage Door Safety Inspections and Maintenance

March 12, 2019

Garage doors are large, heavy moving objects that can pose substantial danger when not properly cared for and maintained. If you have a garage door in your home, you should routinely invest in a garage door safety inspection to examine and analyze the health and safety of your home’s garage door system. Everything from the track that the garage door uses to move up and down to the hanging apparatus that suspends the garage door from the ceiling should be examined and inspected with some regularity. Garage door openers and safety systems should be examined and inspected, as well. Obtaining... View Article

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