The Importance of Annual Garage Door Maintenance

January 20, 2022

Homeowners often take garage doors for granted—until they stop working as well as they should. When it comes to keeping your garage door in functioning condition, regular garage door maintenance is essential.

Here are just a few of the reasons why annual garage maintenance is important.

Protects your garage from the elements

Precipitation, cold weather, debris and even pests can make their way into your home if your garage door isn’t properly maintained. Annual maintenance protects your garage from the elements. Your technician will ensure proper operation of your garage door and will check weatherstripping and other protective elements, replacing them when necessary. Maintaining a tight seal between the garage door and the ground reduces the chance of unwelcome elements from slipping under the door.

Keeps sensors in working order

Sensors are one of the most important elements of any garage door. If they aren’t in good working order, you won’t be able to open or close the door properly. Noticing your door operating in an unusual way? It’s likely due to a problem with your sensors, and they may need to be cleaned or realigned. Reach out to your trusted garage door service technician to check the sensors and make any necessary adjustments.

Keeps rust at bay

An automatic garage door features many components, including cables and springs that can rust over time. One of the benefits of annual garage door maintenance is that your technician will check for damaged or rusty components that could potentially fail. Early action, like replacing rusty components, will save you time and a lot of money in the long run, since problems with a single component can escalate and affect the function of the entire door.

Prevents damage to your home or vehicle

A failing garage door system can not only damage the door itself but also your vehicle. Most garage doors malfunction and break during operation. Think about the times when the garage door is moving: You’re usually driving in or out of the garage—in other words, your vehicle could be directly beneath the door when it falls. Invest in annual maintenance to keep your door in functional condition and reduce the risk of an accident.

Increases home security

Your garage door is likely the largest access point to your home. As such, it’s a way for intruders to potentially enter your property. Routine maintenance ensures your garage door functions as it should, preventing any unauthorized access from unwelcome visitors.

Increases property value

Whether you’re selling or plan to in the future, keeping your garage door in great shape is an additional selling feature for your home. Buyers aren’t looking to take on a garage door renovation project or replacement. By keeping your door well maintained, you’ll increase its lifespan and boost the curb appeal of your home—and your home’s value—all at once.

Keep your garage door in good working order by scheduling your annual garage maintenance appointment with Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair. We’ve been repairing and maintaining garage doors and openers for over 35 years, delivering superior service every time.

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