Why Is My Garage Door Opening by Itself?

December 20, 2021

One of the last things you expect when you hit your garage door button is for it to close nearly all the way before opening back up again. A garage door opening by itself is frustrating and (as we’ll see) can be a safety hazard.

Continue reading to learn why your door could be opening by itself and what you can do about it:

  • Safety sensors: Your safety sensors are essential in preventing accidents from your garage door. If they get misaligned or the sensors get dirty, they can prevent your door from fully closing. Cleaning them off and realigning them could solve your issue.
  • Garage door button: Malfunctions are bound to occur when dirt or debris get stuck around your garage door button. All it takes is the smallest piece of debris lodged in the wrong spot for the door to open back up without warning.
  • Wiring: If a garage door keeps opening, it could be due to the wires that run from the motor to the button or the wires running from the motor to the safety sensors. It’s not uncommon for a rodent to chew through one of these wires and cause garage door failure.
  • Identical frequencies: This is a rare occurrence, but a neighbor’s garage door remote might be set to the same radar frequency as yours; so when they hit their garage door button, yours opens too. Luckily, this is an easy fix for a garage door specialist.
  • Door springs: Your door will never act quite right if one of the door springs is broken—but be careful. Door springs are dangerous enough as it is, and broken ones are even more so. If the opening issue stems from a broken spring, be sure to call a professional for help ASAP.

We can diagnose your issues

If your garage door keeps opening or you’re having any other issues with it, be sure to call our specialists at Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair. Here are a few reasons customers turn to us:

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The choice is clear if you have a garage door opening by itself—call Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment and learn all about our special offers.

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