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How Do You Reset a Garage Door After Pulling the Cord?

March 18, 2021

Power loss, motor malfunction and failing parts are just a few of the things that can lead to a non-functioning garage door. Thankfully, some of these problems can be fixed by pulling the emergency release cord and fixing the problem yourself. Continue reading to learn how to reset your garage door in Denton, TX. Put the door in the down position Your door must be in the down position before you continue working on this project yourself. If the door is stuck up or halfway down, call a professional to address the issue. You run the risk of injuring yourself... View Article

Why You Need a Garage Door Safety Cable

March 11, 2021

Do you have a garage door safety cable? If not, you should consider getting one as soon as possible. These cables can protect your cars, property, family members and yourself from spring-related accidents. Your garage door’s springs can cause serious injury and even death if you don’t take the proper safety precautions. Read on to find out what a garage door safety cable is and why they’re so important in Denton, TX. What is a garage door safety cable? Garage doors are heavy, which means they require heavy springs to gently raise and lower them. They are under an extreme... View Article

Common Reasons Your Garage Door Stops Working

February 25, 2021

Is your garage door not working in Denton, TX? There are plenty of reasons you might be having trouble getting in and out of the garage. Although some of them are relatively easy to fix yourself, there are others that should strictly be handled by the professionals. Garage door components can cause serious injury if mishandled—some even fatal. Save yourself the hassle and danger by working with your local garage door pros. Read this list carefully, and be sure to call Denton Overhead Garage Door for assistance: The photo eye is misaligned: Your garage door uses two photo beams to... View Article

Security Tips for Garage Doors

February 9, 2021

Garage doors make it easy for you to get in and out of your home in a hurry. What makes them so convenient for you, however, can also make them a break-in target for thieves. If you’ve never thought about the potential of your garage as a point of access for unwanted visitors, it’s never too late to start. There are a lot of things you can do to improve the security of your garage doors, and there are a number of habits you can acquire to help make your garage safer. Here are some security tips for garage doors... View Article

Tips for Avoiding Expensive Garage Door Repairs

January 26, 2021

Garage doors are one of those things you resent spending money on. Getting new garage doors is not cheap, and neither are some repairs. If you move into a new home with nice garage doors, you know how lucky you are. If you have older doors, no doubt they’ve seen some wear and tear, but there are still many things you can do to extend the life of your doors. If you want to avoid expensive garage door repairs in the Denton, TX area, the best thing you can do is follow these garage door maintenance tips. Keep up with... View Article

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