5 Different Types of Garage Doors

September 26, 2022

About 71% of homeowners in the U.S. use a garage door as the main entrance to their homes. Besides being a key entrance point, a garage door boosts your home’s security, safety, insulation, curb appeal, and property value. Indeed, a garage door is a key aesthetic and functional feature for your property.

There are unlimited options if you’ve decided to install or replace the current one. Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair in Denton, TX can help you choose what will fit your style and budget. We also offer affordable, quick, and efficient garage door inspection, repair, and replacement services. In this post, we take an in-depth look into five different types of garage door styles so you can decide which best suits you.

1. Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are the most common in America’s suburbs, and for good reasons. These doors feature a fantastic design where panel sections are connected with hinges. The panels slide on a track through wheels that fold it compatibly. The door rolls up easily and quickly and is parallel to the ceiling when opened.

This makes it reasonably easy to replace and remain unnoticeable. Its benefits include offering optimal insulation, saving space, and being quiet and smooth. These doors also offer various styles and can be customized to include unique finishes and window inserts.

2. Tilt-Up Garage Doors

The tilting garage door is the most unique, as it pivots and slides into the top of the garage, forming a canopy-like shape. These doors weren’t common, but with the new smart tech, they’re becoming popular. Plus, they look well when hidden and great when down. They’re pretty expensive, but they can be worth it if you like how they look.

3. Roll-Up Garage Doors

These doors are simple as they roll up and form a rolled mat when opened. They’re nicer than sectional doors and are mostly seen in commercial buildings because they offer the highest level of security. Moreover, they’re the most diverse for positioning and installation. So, regardless of your garage shape or size, this one can fit perfectly. Other benefits of roll-up garage doors include space-saving, durability, weather protection, and convenience.

4. Sliding Doors

Sliding doors work like sectional garage doors, but instead of rolling up, they roll to the side. These doors can be automated and look fabulous in older homes because they blend well with the historical façade of the home. Sliding doors have benefits like space-saving, a huge range of finishes, styles, and colors, and are easy to access. Unlike a standard sectional door, sliding ones can’t fall on someone who is opening it.

5. Side Hinged Garage Doors

These doors are ideal if you have limited headroom or obstructions in your garage or if your garage is used for storage. They’re easy to open and convenient to use. Plus side hinged garage doors can be automated using conversational arms. Most importantly, they come in different styles, colors, and materials.

Denton Overhead Door & Garage Door Repair to the Rescue

Do you want to replace your old, shabby garage door? Or does it have an issue with opening and closing? Let’s take the burden off your back. We offer inspections, repairs, and replacements for all garage door designs and arrive as early as the same day. Whether you already know which garage door you need or want some professional advice and more information, please get in touch with us today. We will gladly help you find the best solution.

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