When To Call a Professional for Garage Door Repair

August 25, 2022

What is the importance of calling a professional for a garage door repair? While it may be tempting to think you can handle everything on your own when it comes to your home, sometimes the approach can be riskier and more costly than if you call a professional. When it comes to your garage door, having it repaired professionally is almost always the way to go.

Having Your Garage Door Professionally Repaired

Calling a professional for garage door repair is important. There are many reasons why it is essential that you do so.

Injury Risks

When you are trying to repair a residential garage door, safety will always be an issue. Garage doors can weigh 400 pounds or more. A torsion spring, which is a piece of metal with enough energy to move the garage door open and down easily, can seriously injure you if your hand or another limb were to get in the way. Even if you take all the necessary safety precautions before, without proper training and experience, it is still impossible to guarantee your safety completely.

Make Problem Worse

You should never watch a YouTube video as an alternative to actual garage door training. Even if you believe you are doing everything correctly, it is easy to make one serious mistake that could really cost you. If you make a mistake, it could create a costlier problem than the one you originally tried to fix.

Additionally, trying to fix your garage door on your own could void any garage door warranty that you may have, which could cause financial disaster. It’s better to not take any chances and instead call in a professional to get the job done at a reasonable price.

Compromise Garage Door

If you believe that you have done a great job fixing your garage door, you could be highly mistaken. A garage door that closes almost all the way may look okay, but it can create some issues. If your door doesn’t come all the way down to the weatherstripping, any insulation in your garage door is now wasted, which means you could be looking at an increase in heating and cooling costs. Heat will be able to escape and enter your home through your broken residential garage door.

Furthermore, safety is an issue in these situations, since a small gap in your garage door allows thieves to try and break in. For instance, it is possible to slip a wire under the door and try to hook the emergency release or even take advantage of the gap to pry the door open. If you are not professionally trained in garage door repair, you may even notice that you failed to do the job correctly until it is too late.


There is never a reason to attempt to fix a major garage door issue on your own since you can find a well-trained, and qualified garage door repairman that is readily available to you. Allow the professionals to handle all the risks and responsibilities that come along with repairing a garage door.

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