How Updating Your Garage Door Panels Changes the Look of Your Home

June 3, 2021

Looking for an easy way to give your Denton, TX home a curb appeal makeover? Updating your garage door can effectively transform the entire look of your home, and it also boosts your property value.

Here are four tips for changing the curb appeal of your home by updating your garage.

Choose a style that creates visual interest

One of the most fundamental tips for changing the curb appeal of your Denton, TX home by updating your garage door is by selecting a style with eye-catching features. Install the highest quality door that you can afford, and look for options with interesting design features that break up the traditional, “boxy” look that all doors have due to their shape.

Doors with windowpanes look great on nearly any style of home, while other characteristics can lend either a modern or traditional appearance to the door. Doors with clean, vertical lines or horizontal relief patterns lend themselves well to homes in a modern style. Traditional homes look great with carriage or barn door-style doors with crossbeams and rustic elements.

Pay attention to material

Garage doors can be made in a variety of materials, and the material you choose has a big impact on the overall look of your home. Solid wood doors can add warmth to any property. They add an unmistakable look of quality, but you’ll have to spend big money for them. You can get a similar look from aluminum doors—all you need to do is add a vinyl wrap, but keep in mind that the vinyl will wear over time and will either need maintenance or eventual replacement.

Be bold with color

Many design experts recommend taking a bold approach to color when it comes to garage doors. Instead of matching the garage door color with the color of your house, or even your front door, it’s best to choose a color that contrasts with other exterior elements. Also keep in mind the color of the materials directly surrounding the door. For example, garage doors surrounded by beige or gray stone look great with dark gray, brown or black doors.

Add some accessories

A flat garage door with no accessories lacks personality. Luckily, it’s easy and inexpensive to add small decorative touches to a door. Handles and hinges are common decorative elements for traditional doors, especially those in the carriage style. If you’re going for an ultramodern, streamlined appearance, consider adding your house numbers to the door to make it more of a focal point. You could even accessorize with potted plants or shrubs next to the door to draw the eye directly to it.

Changing the curb appeal of your Denton, TX home by updating your garage is an effective way to modernize your property and boost its overall value. Consult a local garage door installation professional for the most attractive, value-adding results. Contact Denton Overhead Garage Door today to learn more about choosing a garage door design and decorative features that blend with the look of your home.

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