Common Reasons Your Garage Door Stops Working

February 25, 2021

Is your garage door not working in Denton, TX? There are plenty of reasons you might be having trouble getting in and out of the garage. Although some of them are relatively easy to fix yourself, there are others that should strictly be handled by the professionals. Garage door components can cause serious injury if mishandled—some even fatal. Save yourself the hassle and danger by working with your local garage door pros. Read this list carefully, and be sure to call Denton Overhead Garage Door for assistance:

  • The photo eye is misaligned: Your garage door uses two photo beams to detect whether anything is in the way of the door—which is why you can’t press the button and then duck under the door as it’s closing. If the photo eyes are misaligned, it sends a signal that there’s something blocking the door and it won’t close.
  • Your batteries are dead: This is the easiest problem to check yourself. If the door opens from the button inside your garage, it’s probably a case of dead batteries. Swap your car transmitter’s batteries to see if that solves the problem.
  • Transmitter issues: If you’re having trouble with your transmitter (even after changing the batteries), you could be experiencing one of several issues. You might be pressing it from too far away, or your neighbors might be using the same frequency.
  • The springs are broken: This is a problem that requires professional help. If you’re home when they snap, you’ll definitely not miss it—it will cause a loud “bang” noise, similar to fireworks. Never try to repair springs yourself.
  • The track is misaligned: If the track isn’t properly aligned, your door will have trouble opening and closing. This is another issue that requires a professional to examine.
  • You enabled the disconnect switch: Check the disconnect switch, which usually looks like a string to pull or a knob to turn, which opens the door manually. It can sometimes unhook, which allows the motor to run without opening the door.
  • The limit settings are off: Your door is calibrated to a specific height. If the limit settings are off, the machinery might think it’s crashing into something rather than hitting the ground, which causes it to reverse course and reopen.
  • The cables are broken: This is another “professionals only” repair. If the door is hitting the ground fast, the cables or tension springs are broken. Call a repair company right away.
  • You’ve manually locked the door: If you try to open the door, hear the motor running for a few seconds and then it shuts off, check to make sure that you haven’t accidentally manually locked the door. This usually looks like handles or bars in the middle of the door, which slide across the door and prevent it from opening. Turn the handle or press the button to unlock the door.

For help with these common garage door issues in Denton, TX, get in touch with the experts at Denton Overhead Garage Door today.

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