How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Garage Door?

January 5, 2021

When caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life, something like your garage door can be easy to overlook. After all, it’s a relatively stable piece of machinery, so it seems sturdy and durable. In fact, your garage door is more fragile than you might think. External elements like cold weather, for example, can have a massive impact on the performance and health of your garage door.

With that in mind, here are some of the most significant cold weather impacts on garage doors in Denton, TX, and ways to prepare for cold weather.

The winter effect

Sure, in our corner of Texas, you might think the winter weather has a less harmful impact than in other parts of the country. Still, you shouldn’t dismiss the potential for harm during even a mild winter:

  • Added stress: The motor powering your garage door finds it more difficult to operate during the winter, in much the same way your car’s engine loses efficiency during cold weather. To compensate, your garage door’s motor works harder to do its job. That can lead to damage of various components.
  • Lack of insulation: On the coldest days of the year, you might step into your garage only to be shocked by how much colder it is than the rest of your home. When your garage door’s insulation is lacking, cold air can infiltrate your home and lead to rising energy costs.

Fortunately, there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your garage door is ready to handle the worst that a Denton winter can send its way.

Call in a pro

Before the winter sets in, have a licensed professional inspect the vital parts of your garage door system. They will identify potential trouble spots and repair or replace any malfunctioning parts before they compromise the overall integrity of your system. After all, there’s nothing worse than pushing your garage door remote button only to discover that nothing happens.

Check the weather stripping

If you haven’t invested in weather stripping to run alongside the frame of your garage door, it’s worth considering. This simple layer of insulation can ultimately save you money on your monthly electric bills.

Lubricate your garage door’s moving parts

To counteract the extra wear and tear on your garage door, make sure to add lubricant to any exposed hinges or moving parts. This will increase functionality when your motor works its hardest.

Come to the pros

Get help with your garage door by ensuring it gets the necessary cold weather maintenance in Denton, TX—call on the team at Denton Overhead Garage Door! We have more than three decades of combined experience in the field that we can’t wait to put to use for you.

Our family owned and operated business is your one-stop shop for all things related to your garage door, from installation to replacement to preventative maintenance to repair. When you need first-rate service, affordable prices and an incredible selection of products, you need Denton Overhead Garage Door. We also happily offer emergency service to our customers. Give us a call today!

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