Why Won’t My Garage Door Close?

September 8, 2020

Garage doors offer privacy, security and safety, so when yours stops closing (or opening), it can be very distressing. There are many reasons your door might not open or shut properly—and the good news is that most of them are quick fixes. Read on to learn why you’re having issues opening or closing your garage door in Denton, TX, and make sure to call Denton Overhead Garage Door if you need repairs:

  • The door is blocked: Modern garage doors are designed to stop and reverse if they come into contact with any item or obstacle. If your door refuses to close, it may be detecting an object in its path. Wipe down the bottom of the door with a wet cloth to dislodge any rocks, debris and dirt that could be sending the wrong signals.
  • The door is locked: Sometimes we lock our garage doors and forget that we did it, especially when we’re tired or stressed. If your door isn’t opening but the motor is running, look to see if anything is blocking the door. If not, disengage the lock.
  • The photo eye is blocked: Modern doors have photo eyes or lasers to detect any objects in the door’s path, to prevent the door from closing on people, cars and more. If your photo eye is blocked or the power source is disrupted, it won’t allow your door to close.
  • The springs are broken: This issue is fairly visible, so if you’re having trouble opening the door, give the springs a once-over. Usually, however, you’ll hear it when they break—it’s as loud as a firecracker. When your springs break, do not attempt to repair them or open the garage door. This can be incredibly dangerous and sometimes fatal. Instead, call a skilled repair contractor right away.
  • The power is out: Since your door uses electricity to operate, any disruption to the power source will render it useless. Check to see if the power is on in the rest of your house, then check the door’s power cord for damage and to ensure it’s plugged in.
  • The cables have snapped: The cables are another potentially dangerous reason your door won’t shut. When they snap, they can injure anyone standing nearby—another reason regular garage door maintenance is important.
  • The door is off the track: If the tracks aren’t perfectly aligned and installed, the door will have difficulty opening and shutting. You can try tightening the screws that hold the tracks to the wall and using a level to check that they’re aligned. If the door still has issues, call a professional.
  • The remote control is broken: Your remote control might be the problem. Change the batteries, or contact your garage door dealer to get a replacement remote.
  • The sensitivity needs adjustment: If the sensitivity level is too low or high, your door won’t function. Consult your user’s manual to find out how to adjust it.

Having trouble closing your garage door in Denton, TX? For reliable repairs, call Denton Overhead Garage Door.

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