Can I Repair My Own Garage Door?

September 23, 2020

Outside of your kitchen appliances and your television, your garage door may see more daily usage than just about anything else in your home. When the everyday convenience of your garage door is in jeopardy, it is only natural to want the repairs made as quickly as possible, which may even prompt you to attempt to make the repairs on your own.

However, unlike your TV and coffee maker, garage doors are heavy, unwieldly objects that, when handled incorrectly, can cause serious bodily harm for even the most experienced DIY-ers. Follow along with this guide to learn a few garage door repair tips in Denton, TX that will help you determine what is safe to tackle on your own, and what types of repairs should only be handled by professionals.

Garage door repair tips

Before calling on the assistance of qualified professionals, there are a few common garage door issues you may be able to take care of safely on your own. Perhaps your door has not been moving as smoothly as it normally does, and all that’s needed is a bit of lubrication to restore optimal movement. Or, with winter right around the corner, the weatherstripping may need to be replaced to help block the cool air from outside while keeping your heated air inside where it belongs.

Another common issue that you can alleviate safely is the alignment of the sensors, which can be jarred out of position due to the constant movement of the garage doors. Simply moving them back in place may be all that’s needed to get your garage door moving again, and wiping them off routinely can help to prevent operational issues in the future.

Garage door repairs to avoid

While there are some minor garage door repairs that you might be able to make on your own, when it comes to larger issues that encompass the overall operation of your garage door, you will be best served by calling on the help of a professional. In these cases, garage door repair is not a DIY project in Denton, TX.

The garage door track, which is responsible for supporting the weight of the door, is one of the most dangerous components to attempt to repair on your own, as any missteps could cause the entire door to come falling down. A garage door malfunction that involves electrical repairs also presents a high level of risk to homeowners who aren’t qualified to perform such work, and can not only result in personal injury, but could possibly worsen the condition of the door, in addition to causing damage to your home.

No matter how frustrating a malfunctioning garage door may be, it’s always best to put the safety of your family and your home first by choosing the professional repair services of Denton Overhead Garage Door. Not only will this be much safer for everyone in the home, but you can also be sure the garage door repairs are done correctly the first time, which can help to prevent the same issues from popping up again in the future. For timely, professional service, make sure to give us a call for all of your garage door repair needs in Denton, TX.

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