What Can Damage Your Garage Door, and Preventative Measures to Take

August 25, 2020

Your garage door can take a beating, especially when you live in an area prone to storms and other major weather events. It also undergoes plenty of stress each time you open and close it, which is why it’s key to properly maintain your door and its mechanisms. Taking care of your garage door will ensure that the motor and the door itself will last for years to come. Garage door maintenance in Denton, TX includes both professional assistance and commonsense measures to ward off dents.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most common causes of garage door damage:

  • Foundation problems: Your foundation provides a level surface for your home to stand upon, so when it shifts, it shifts the balance of your garage door and the hardware. Doors can break or warp if the foundation problems are serious enough, but more commonly, the springs, tracks and cables will snap under new pressure.
  • Dents: A dent or two might not sound like much, but they can cause serious problems. Metal garage doors are exposed to air and moisture, which allows rust to form and spread throughout the door. To prevent dents, make sure to keep heavy equipment, toys, bikes and other large objects away from the door. You can also mark your garage and driveway so that you don’t accidentally hit the door with your vehicle.
  • Track issues: Debris and dirt can build up in your tracks, causing them to malfunction. Clean out your tracks about once per month, using a vacuum and finishing with a lubricant. This will ensure your door is able to opens and shut smoothly, putting less stress on the motor.
  • Failure to properly maintain: When’s the last time you had a professional inspect and help maintain your garage door? If it’s been over a year, it’s been too long. Failing to properly maintain your garage door can dramatically shorten the door’s and mechanisms’ lifespan. Your garage door contractor will be able to spot issues, like a misaligned door, cables, pulleys and springs that are ready to give out, motor problems, track issues and more. You should also be prepared to call a garage door contractor any time you notice issues with the door, the hardware or its mechanisms.
  • Natural disasters: Finally, natural disasters can be a cause of garage door damage in Denton, TX and beyond. They’re not as common, but tend to leave behind more damage than other causes. Talk to your garage door dealer about doors that are designed to stand up to hurricane-force winds if you’re concerned that this may be an issue where you live.

Garage doors can last decades when properly cared for. Set a calendar reminder to call for assistance once or twice per year, and you can rest assured knowing that your door will continue to operate smoothly.

If you’re ready to schedule your annual garage door maintenance appointment in Denton, TX, reach out to Denton Overhead Garage Door today. We can help make sure your garage door is always good to go!

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