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June 29, 2019

Encountering a problem with your garage door can be extremely frustrating. If your residential door breaks down, your car could be stuck inside, making you late to work or appointments. A damaged door could open up your home and belongings to intruders. Malfunctions with commercial doors could lead to reduced efficiency, operational delays and even safety risks for employees.

When these things happen, you’ll need to call a garage door service in to have someone check out the door and identify the problem, then fix it as efficiently as possible.

With a typical garage door repair service, you might only get a free estimate or service call if you decide to use their services. But what happens if garage door repair just isn’t in your budget right now? You’ll be stuck paying for a service call for a repair you might not be able to afford!

At Denton Overhead Garage Door, we understand that door repair expenses can come out of the blue and may not be possible right away. We want to provide our customers with the best, most stress-free experience possible. This is why we offer free service calls and estimates to every customer, without the obligation of using our services.

No obligation, no problem

When you call our door service in Denton, TX, we’ll send out a technician right way to look into the problem. They’ll examine your door, looking at the motor, springs, track and door itself, then provide you with a cost estimate for repairs or replacement, if necessary.

If you decide that you can’t pay for our services right away, or you want to get a second opinion, that’s totally okay! We won’t charge you for the call like other door services might. We’re happy to provide this free service to any and all potential customers, because we know that our affordable prices, skills and expertise speak for themselves.

You can count on us!

Even if you choose not to use us for garage door repairs, know that there are a host of benefits we can offer that go beyond free service calls (and if you ask us, that’s a big one!).

In most cases, we’re able to offer same-day service, meaning we can have someone out to your property to identify the issue and then fix it right away, so you’re not stuck with a malfunctioning door or a safety hazard for days on end.

We also offer a breadth of garage door services to meet just about all your needs. If your door was hit by something and the door itself is damaged, we stock a variety of beautiful doors in our showroom. Simply pick one out and we’ll replace your damaged one for you. And, if you’re looking for a product we don’t have, we can order it quickly!

If your door track is off, we’re able to find and fix the problem track. The same goes for springs, motors, garage door openers, and more!

Having served customers in Denton for over 35 years, we’re your local garage door experts. If you require garage door service in Denton, TX, give us a call.

For high-quality services from your local garage door company call us today at 940-323-1111!

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