Garage Door Repairs in Corinth, TX

If your garage door isn’t working properly, it’s a problem that can’t wait for a solution. Call Denton Overhead Garage Door for garage door installation, repair or service, and let us leave you with a door that works flawlessly with the press of a button. We deliver top-notch service to residential and commercial doors throughout the Corinth, TX area. We’re equipped to work on any door, regardless of the problem.

Residential Doors Service

For most homeowners, their garage door is part of their day. You interact with your door before you pull out and drive to work! If it stops working or shows signs of trouble, don’t wait to call us for garage door repair. We deliver total repair to keep it in good condition, moving up and down safely at the press of a button. Our service capabilities are extensive—you’ll never need to call another contractor!

Thinking about a brand-new door? We can do that too. Our experience extends to most makes and models, and you can count on us for an installation job that’s done right. Let us provide you with the convenience and benefits of a new garage door installation you can rely on for years and years to come.

Commercial Door Service

If your commercial garage door installation isn’t working properly, we’re just a phone call away. While other contractors work exclusively on residential doors, we’re versed in commercial overhead doors as well. We proudly serve warehouses, facilities with loading docks, car parks and more. Let us apply our years of industry experience to your system—whether it needs repairs or you’re getting a brand-new installation.

Parts and Repairs

Your garage door is one big complex mechanism. We take the time to make sure every part of it is serviced properly. From the opener, to the motor, to the torsion springs and everything in-between, we make sure your door works like one big well-oiled machine. Safety and reliability are our top priorities.

  • Openers: Door not opening when you hit the button? You may have a faulty opener. We can outfit your door with a new opener, including Wi-Fi enabled smart home models! From faulty sensors to bad wiring, we’re quick to solve opener issues.
  • Motors: A burnt-out motor won’t be able to power your door up and down. If you try to open your door and it struggles to lift or doesn’t respond, call us to have the motor inspected, serviced or replaced.
  • Springs: Torsion springs help support the weight of your door as it’s raised and lowered. When they break, they’ll need to be replaced before you can safely use your door again. Call us to replace this most important part of your counterbalance system.

24-Hour Emergency Services in Corinth, TX

Problems with your garage door can quickly become unsafe. It’s important to seek garage door service as soon as you realize a problem. Denton Overhead Garage Door is ready to answer your call 24 hours a day. Whether you’re dealing with a nonfunctional door, an electrical issue or a mechanical failure, our experienced technicians are available to provide you with prompt service. We know the importance of a timely repair. From middle-of-the-night repairs for third-shifters to early morning service calls when you can’t get your door open for work, we’re ready to solve your problems. Count on us for quick troubleshooting, rapid repairs and the reliability that comes from experienced techs. Day or night, we solve your garage door problems the right way.

Free Inspection with Every Service

No matter what you call us out for—routine service, repairs or installation—you’ll also benefit from a completely free 32-point safety inspection. We make this inspection standard practice on every jobsite, to ensure the function and integrity of your garage door installation. It’s part of our commitment to your safety and satisfaction. Corinth, TX customers trust us because we leave no stone unturned when evaluating the complete garage door installation. From the door itself, to the counterbalance system, electrical system, motor, tracks and individual components, our complementary inspection makes sure every part is doing its job safely. You’re left with the confidence of a fully-working door that’s in safe working condition.

Totally Free Quotes; No Travel Fees

You might be surprised to learn that other garage door service providers will actually charge you for a quote. Or, they’ll charge a fee to come out and look at your door. Not us! We don’t believe in these sneaky fees or charges just to learn what’s wrong with your door. In fact, we believe getting a clear scope of work should be easy, which is why we provide completely free quotes. Call for a free price quote on any garage door service. There is no additional charge for a technician visit, with or without receiving service.We’ll come out, assess your door and tell you what’s wrong—all before you pay a single cent. The only thing you pay for is parts and labor. That’s the way it should be, and that’s the way we operate.

Learn the Benefits of Garage Door Service in Corinth, TX

It’s vitally important for homeowners to stay informed about how to care-for and maintain their garage door installation. It’s why Denton Overhead Garage Door provides a wide range of resources and information! Check out our blog to learn more—it’s updated monthly with information, instructions, advice and more, so you can be informed about the function of your overhead door. Have specific questions? You can always give us a call and speak with one of our well-trained, certified techs? We’re happy to answer your questions and more sure you get the information you need to responsibly operate and care-for your door.

Serving Customers in Corinth, TX

Denton Overhead Garage Door offers complete door services to residential and commercial customers throughout the greater Corinth, TX area. Contact us today at 940-323-1111 to schedule installation, repairs or general service and see why our list of satisfied customers continues to grow!

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