Garage Door Repair in Denton, TX

You depend on your garage door in Denton, TX to provide security, convenience, and even insulation for your home. If you are looking for garage door repairs or installation in the local area, we are here to help you. Take a look at some of the services our professionals provide!

Garage Door Repair in Denton, TX

If you are having problems with your garage door, we know how frustrating this can be. We understand that you want it fixed as quickly as possible. That is why we provide a number of repair services to help you address your garage needs.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Is your overhead door not responding to controls? Hearing squealing or screeching while it’s in motion? Problems with alignment preventing it from closing or opening all the way? Whatever the problem, we’ll quickly diagnose it.

By diagnosing your commercial door’s problem, we’ll be able to deliver tailored service that gets it working again quickly and safely. We don’t waste your time or money trying to generalize things—we deliver specific solutions for specific problems.

New Commercial Garage Doors

At Denton Overhead Door we also provide new door installations! We can confidently guarantee high-quality products and services because we work with the industries top brands including:


Keep Your Doors Functional and Safe

Your business doesn’t have time to deal with an overhead door that’s not working right. Get it fixed fast by calling Denton Overhead Door. We’ll make sure it works right and operates safely, so you can get back to business.

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 5Star Customer Review

“Charles actually did three separate jobs for me at three different locations in Denton within a year’s time. All three jobs were completed in a timely manner with all my questions answered. ”

Gail F.

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