Garage Doors in Krum, TX

Problems with your garage door? Don’t wait to call Denton Overhead Garage Door! Garage door issues can be unsafe and inconvenient, which is why it’s important to get them fixed as soon as you recognize them. Call us for garage door repair and rest assured you’re getting safe, effective solutions from well-trained, experienced contractors. We work hard to live up to our reputation as the go-to garage door service professionals for Krum, TX home and business owners.

Residential Doors Service

We make garage door repair a simple process. Our team thoroughly inspects and troubleshoots the door to identify any problems. From there, we handle repairs or component replacements—whatever is the most effective solution for maintaining your door’s integrity and safety. We come equipped to do the job quickly and we work smart, to keep your costs low. We promise you won’t need to ever call another contractor for residential garage door service.

Whether you know what the problem is or need us to check it out, we guarantee results, regardless of make or model. Our mission is simple: Keep your door working properly at all times.

Commercial Door Service

It’s hard to do business with a commercial garage door installation that’s not working properly. If your door isn’t responding to controls or is struggling to raise and lower, give us a call. We service dock doors, ribbed metal doors and all other types of commercial overhead door installations for all types of businesses. We’ll keep your door working safely, and we’re available for same-day and emergency service if it’s urgent.


Parts and Repairs

A garage door is the sum of its many parts, which means taking care of its vital systems is a top priority. If there’s a problem with the opener, motor or torsion springs, give us a call. We can repair or replace these parts to keep your door working safely and reliably. We’re quick to troubleshoot solutions for just about any problem.

  • Openers: If your door doesn’t respond to your remote, the opener mechanism may be damaged. Call us to take a look at it. We can replace faulty components, reprogram the signal or troubleshoot other solutions to restore the function of your door.
  • Motors: Does your door’s motor make loud noises while in operation or struggle to raise and lower the door? We solve motor problems before they become major safety hazards and can replace or repair your motor, regardless of make or model.
  • Springs: When a torsion spring snaps, the weight of your garage door is entirely on the motor to hoist and lower. We replace springs to restore the counterbalance system, so your door can raise and lower with ease.

Serving Customers in Krum, TX

Problems with your garage door? Need service from an expert you can trust? Residential or commercial, no matter the nature of the problem, Denton Overhead Garage Door delivers results. We’re the leading authority on garage door installation, repairs and service, and a name Krum, TX homeowners trust. Contact us today at 940-323-1111 to schedule an appointment.

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